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Awakening Within Womens' Workshop


FEBRUARY 24-26 2023-  Florida

Contact Talia: 647-895-4202

What changes need to happen in your life?  Step out of your shadow and unleash your own power and potential.  At an Awakening Within weekend, you will meet your truth, identify your narratives and reach for your higher self.  you will find out what patterns have been constricting your own breakthroughs and inhibiting your own growth.  Whatever 'IT' is - anything from shame, low self esteem, feelings of rejection or a history of rejection by peers, family or others.  a longing to belong, to be wanted or included, a history of being bullied or abused, passivity, not feeling lovable or good enough. 


Awakening Within is a weekend of deep exploration, new awareness, and getting to know yourself better.  you will experience the safety and the feeling of 'being fully held' so that you can bring that into your life and live more fully.  We provide a place you can go to get unstuck, and gain clarity.  to build relationship to your inner wisdom.  what you feel, you can heal.   

Awakening Within is a handed down art.  All staff members have gone through the weekend and volunteer to come back and support the next group of women on their journey.  Nearly ALL our participants come back to staff at some point.  They want to experience the weekend again and again.  The magic, the profound depth, the level of healing and the impact.  It is hard to put into words - because - words don't do it justice.  It's the experience of a lifetime. 

For more info or to reserve your spot in the next AW Women's Workshop, please contact:


"Since the weekend, my family and friends have noticed how much I've grown and changed.  I see things differently, I can say that I have never felt better!!"  ~ Michal F,  homemaker

" The weekend allowed me to access my inner light and power . I am forever grateful to Hashem who inspired this work and the most warm, loving and supportive staff"   ~Nechama Dina Zwiebel, Coach

"There is a real 'magic that happens during the group experience.  As a therapist, always concerned abut the safety and confidentiality of my clients, I heartily recommend this weekend.  It's a proven successful format in which the healing unfolds in quite spectacular ways.'"   ~Yehudis Karbal, MA LCPC

"Over twenty hours of therapy in one kosher and shabbos observant healing weekend with professional, safe and non-judgemental staff.  worth every penny spent" .   ~Stacey Hunt, software sales

"It was a weekend of deep self-discovery.  Working in the group was a mind blowing experience for me."  ~Yitty klein, Self Regulating Training Practitioner

"This was the most profound experience of healing and lives with me daily to move forward in my life.  Women holding space for women in the most loving and precious way.  My life is forever changed from the experience."    ~Helena Herman, Shlucha/Imago Therapist

"I learned to hold space in a deeper way than I've otherwise known, a way that really allows other people to be themselves and feel themselves" .   ~R.R., Dorm Counselor

"I trust in the process and the safety of the leadership.  The love present was powerful and so deeply healing;"  ~Faigy Bassman, Personal Chef, Senior Advocate


UPCOMING RETREAT: February 24-26 2022

*Retreat Program starts Friday morning at 9 am (you are welcome to come Thursday night) 

Ends Sunday afternoon approx. 2 pm.

COST: $1800

CONTACT US: 647-895-4202


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