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‘The Awakening Retreat is a GAME-CHANGER!!! The retreat offered me a space to hear my deepest wisdom emanating from the core of my Neshama.  Every moment of the retreat was like a further and further unveiling of deep and deliberate discoveries that were dormant deep inside my soul.  It mostly felt like its’ name – an awakening! Chaya Sara was blessed with a Divine gift of helping women find their ‘medicine’; that is to say, helping women discover their best path in joy, wholeness and personal Redemption.’    -MW

‘Everything that Chaya Sara touches turns to gold.  After being on her retreat, and in every professional experience I’ve had with her, I left feeling awakened, tuned in to myself and others, and tapped into a deep sense of joy.  As a retreat leader her goal was clear – to bring each participant to a greater level of self-discovery and self-expression so that they can really BE their highest selves, and therefore contribute their unique gifts to their broader community and the world as a whole.  During the retreat, Chaya Sara guided us in a group led activities that were well thought out, connected to one another and to her theme, Hashem-conscious, enjoyable and creative. In many of the activities, she brought out my inner creativity laid dormant for far too long, and would not have emerged any time soon without her attitude of non-judge mental openness, and each project being a clear opportunity for expressing myself, clarifying my desires as a Jewish woman, and bringing my soul back to life.  Her private coaching can only be described as above and beyond. She has an exceptional quality of gently tapping into what’s really going on and, more importantly, helping me to do the same with myself. I was immediately in rapport with her during our first session as she guided me through exercises that helped me pinpoint my challenges as well as their solutions. She is simply a nurturing, wise soul mother in its truest form and I am grateful to have found her!’     -CR

‘I do a lot of reading of self hep material and podcasts from the non Jewish world and did not find something that touched me and resonated with me so deeply as Chaya Sara’s reclaiming mediation before Passover.  I have a new outlook on being a Jewish mom and wife and last but not least a queen!!’ RF

“Chaya Sara is one of the most validating people to speak to.  Her empathy runs high as she shows you the beauty you already hold within and honors the unique qualities that make you who you are, gently guiding you toward a more whole experience of life.”    -YH

‘Last year, I was in a very dark and confusing place.  My life has been interesting but challenging for a long time.  I grew up in chaos and married a man who continued to riddle my life with chaos and hardships.  I have many children b’n and stayed in my marriage for a long time. Divorce is a much improved existence for me, but as can be expected it presents me with many trials, some of which are in my connection and devotion to living the life of a true Jewish woman.  I prayed to Hashem to give me direction and strength, and in a miraculous way he answered. Chaya Sara called and offered me a free participation in her retreat! I was having a very hard time emotionally and wanted to move and make some changes, but was fearful about it.  In the retreat I met many brave and wonderful women, I felt rejuvenated and inspired. We danced, laughed, played, prayed, sang and challenged ourselves in a good way with the rope course. I found y courage and moved to a Jewish community which was my wish and desire. The retreat was Hashem giving me a hand in a hard period of time, and provided just what I needed – a warm and healing cocoon where I can recover and regain strength, so I can fly when my wings grew.  I am very grateful.’ TS

‘I have been giving marriage seminars for years.  After sitting with Chaya Sara and applying some of her program planning expertise to my workshops, it gave me a whole new burst of creativity and direction.  Thank you, Chaya Sara!’     -JM

‘Chaya Sara has an amazing way of letting you figure out answers to your own worries through a different kind of guided, responsive meditation.  Very calming and a physical relief after every session.     -TC

‘I had the priviledge of joining a circle training two weeks ago.  This training was given by one of the most amazing women I've ever met, Chaya Sara Gurewicz.  This was done in a very comfortable setting, giving us the opportunity to feel safe and easy.  In this one day, I merited to learn plenty of methods to give support and comfort in a validating and sympathetic way.  -FL

Chaya Sara makes me laugh and introduces me to so many new and wonderful things.  She is an awesome Shaliach, Mashpia and friend who truly cares about me and so many others.


‘CS has guided me to some deep places within myself and helped me let go of what has been holding me back.   She is incredibly intuitive and supportive and has a great sense of humor. It was amazing to see how as a leader of a group CS was able to intimately connect with all the participants on an individual level.’     -SB

Chaya Sara is the inspiration to me and so many many women in the world.  Her  warmth, kindness, open heart, devotion and dedication always teach me so much in my life.  -RB

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