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Imagine a place where Jewish Women come together from across the globe who want to make a difference in the world, in their communities, and in their families.

Welcome to the online community of the Tefillah Prayer Circle!

Life has a way of presenting us with monumental challenges to overcome. Sometimes we find the wisdom, power, and courage, and often times all we can do is PRAY.

Tefillah/Prayer is a central part of our lives, and one of the secrets of Jewish women throughout history.
Join us as we continue to celebrate the possibilities that Tefillah can bring. Together, guided by amazing teachers and coaches, we can create our own modern day legacy of Tefillah/Prayer power.   Bring down BRACHOS/BLESSINGS for each other and our communities!
Read an article by Chaya Sara Gurewicz, founder of Tefillah Prayer Circle.
Watch what people are saying HERE


Sign up for Tefillah Prayer Circle and you will:
  • Reserve your ticket to our monthly telecourse

  • Learn from CUTTING EDGE teachers and coaches

  • Deeply enhance your own personal prayers

  • Be part of a growing group of Jewish women who want to make a difference in this world

  • Empower yourself with practical self-help tools to help you navigate your life

About our telecourse:

Worldwide Tefillah Prayer Circle is an easily accessible online telecourse.  This once a month class, and a periodic support call will leave you filled with connection and inspiration to carry you through the year. Once registered, you will be added to our Facebook community of women who provide daily inspiration, interaction, and support.

Are you ready to bring your prayer to the next level? Take your seat in The Circle HERE

For questions email


Our classes and being part of our community is free of charge. (Donation and sponsorships are always welcome.)


Teachers will be announced approximately every 5 months.  If you can’t make the time don’t worry – you will receive a full recording of each class! yours to keep with no expiration date.  All classes will take place at 2 pm EST as that is the best time for daytime accessibility around the world!

 *click on the facilitators button on themes at the top to read about our teachers.

  • Wednesday July 3rd 2019 – Mrs. Miriam Raskin

  • Wednesday July 31st 2019- Rav Moshe Srour

  • Wednesday August 28th 2019- Mrs. Sara Tova Best

  • Wednesday September 25th 2019- Mrs. Nechama Dina Zwiebel

  • Wednesday October 2019- Mrs. Tamar Taback

  • Wednesday November 27th 2019- Mrs. Leah Rubashkin

  • Wednesday December 25th 2019- Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

  • Wednesday January  2020- Rabbi Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin

  • Wednesday March 2020- Rabbi Yona Korm

  • Wednesday February 2020- Mrs. Miriam Lipskier

  • More classes to be announced 🙂


*This class is presented in honor of the immediate Yeshua of Yechiel ben Shulamis Dobrush

A portion of the proceeds from this program will be given to SPARKS and CHASDEI NAOMI.
SPARKS is an organization that raises awareness of the physical and emotional issue that surrounds perinatal depression. Sparks provides a 24 hours hotline and financial aid to rebuild the mother, her family and her home. CHASDEI NAOMI Supports thousands of widows and orphaned children in Israel, offering financial aid and food baskets.
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