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Sara Esther Crispe

"I love helping people discover their strength and unleash their power. I always have. Growing up my friends used to call me their "therapist" and that role then took on a variety of other names as time passed such as teacher, educator, speaker, mashpia, and coach. Soon after I got married, over 20 years ago, my husband and I moved to Jerusalem. I was very fortunate during our nine years in Israel to work directly with Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, world-renowned educator and teacher of Kabbalistic and Chassidic philosophy, who trained me as a coach to work with clients facing a wide range of life challenges. While in Israel I also took an extensive course and was certified in Torah-based coaching and counseling through the Refuah Institute. 


Coaching resonates with me most profoundly as what is most effective in true change and transformation is when, through the coaching process, a client can recognize their issues as well as possible solutions and learn to navigate future problems on their own. I often describe my coaching by giving a physical analogy. If you go to the gym, you will be asked what your goals are, such as to become healthier, or stronger, or to lose weight or gain endurance. Based on those goals, a plan will be put in place. Certain machines will be used over others, certain exercises and reps. The coach will ensure your form is correct, will be able to explain how to properly use the machine, will count your reps and encourage you and will guide you as to when you should add weights or change up your routine. But the coach is never doing the work. You are. 


First and foremost, coaching is a relationship. So it has to be the right fit. If you are not comfortable with the person you are coaching with, you are not going to reap the benefits as you won't allow yourself to be open and vulnerable, which is necessary for growth. Therefore it is essential that things click. This is why I offer a complimentary 20 min. session for an introduction, to get a sense of what the client is looking for, explain my approach and answer any questions. Sessions for individuals are generally 45 min. and couple sessions are one hour, and I like to work with my clients weekly. I always emphasize that consistency is key as that ensures accountability and being able to track change and progress in an ongoing way. I work with teens, adults and couples focusing on areas such as (but not limited to): life goals, communication, parenting, career development, dating, marriage, social issues, confidence and more. 


Please contact me to arrange your complimentary introductory session. I can be reached at:


Below are a few testimonials from a few of my clients:"


“I reached out to Sara Ester following a traumatic codependent breakup. I felt lost, depressed and confused. I had lost my sense of perspective and was struggling to see a clear path forwards. In my very first session with Sara Esther I could see she was someone who deeply understood people, and could empathize with my situation, but also challenged me to feel the stretch and push forward anyway." -Anonymous


"I instantly liked Sara Esther and felt immediately at ease with her. I had a sense of confidence in her that would enable me to open up and share intimate information about myself and my relationship. After all, its vital that you actually like and trust the person that you are going to share such personal things with, isn’t it?" -Anonymous


"When I am facing difficulties in my life and when I find myself in need of guidance and support, Sara Esther is my go-to person I speak with. She enables me to clear my mind and gain clarity with a particular problem or situation. I come away from my sessions with her feeling empowered and so much lighter and much more motivated." - Anonymous


"Sara Esther has been an enormous help to me and my family in time of crisis. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to friends and family, which I actually have and they are now some of her clients.” --Anonymous


“I love Sara Esther Crispe as a coach. She guided me before a few major events in my life. I was a ball of stress! She reframed for me the blessings in my life and helps me to see my responsibility in issues. As a bonus, she can see things from a Jewish perspective to further guide me and place my concerns in a Jewish frame. I feel connected to her and resonate with her enthusiasm and effervescence. I look forward to our calls each week!” – Rochelle


“My experience with Sara Esther Crispe has been outstanding as a coach, mentor and educator on Torah-based approaches to life.  She is so knowledgeable and personable I highly recommend her and can’t say enough nice things about this amazing teacher.” – Irma Fralic

"Sara Esther is a truly wonderful woman. Her dating coach style is one that made me feel validated and at the same time ready to be a great wife/ mother. I appreciate her dating coach style. She gave me concrete "assignments" to help me verbalize what is is I am actually looking for. Furthermore, I liked how after I had a date, she would listen, truly listen, to my experience and my feelings. She took the time to properly get an understanding of the events and then it was fascinating how she was able to show me different perspectives on the same event. Anyone who is single, and really ready to develop a relationship, would be fortunate to have someone like Sara Esther Crispe as a dating coach." - Anonymous

"After we worked together for a number of sessions, I commented that I feel you help me realize my dreams. With intuition, Totah wisdom and experience, you guide and support the journey to new frontiers within myself. I learn so mych from your honest, humble and open minded example. Thank you for your help." - JV

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