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Nature Based life coach

I was always attracted to the words 'Life Coach'. It sounded great!  I wanted one.  Personal guidance just for me!  Someone to show me the way -  to cheer for me!   I thought the concept to be brilliant and an 'upbeat' way of supporting people.


My dad, Rabbi Avrohom Karbal A'H always wanted me to be a therapist.  From a very young age he

would discuss sophisticated ideas with me, asking for my analyzations, shedding his brilliant light on my inte

thoughts and perspectives.  He would always end our talks with 'you should be a therapist'.  

I didn't want to be a therapist.  While I am a big believer in self help, I just wasn't attracted to the psychology track.  I wanted to do it my way.  So I set off on my path learning many different healing modalities over the span of twenty years including Hakomi, art therapy, group healing work, drama therapy, somatic healing, non dominant hand writing and 'the work' by Byron Katie.  I have done extensive work in the area of guided imagery and creating new brain patterns that replace old experience.  My nature based coach training and subsequent apprenticeship had a profound impact on everything I do.  Understanding patterns in nature helps me help my clients track negative subconscious patterns that may be blocking them from experiencing their birthright - JOY! My training in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) has helped me integrate forward thinking and how to utilize past experiences to get what we want for our future.  I am in a constant state of learning, and love how healing modalities are constantly changing and growing in new directions.  I am open, flexible and strive to keep on the cutting edge of self help advancements.

Many coaches require clients to buy packages of several sessions.  What I experience is that when you uncover negative patterns and become aware of habits that are self sabotaging, It can sometimes be pretty quick to get infinitely clearer and closer to where you want to be.  Therefore, I offer a session by session rate and from there we can discuss the need for buying several sessions or not.    Sometimes you just need a hand!   

The underlying theme for everything I do is to help you access your unique wisdom and gifts.  Helping you stop the 'compare and despair' cycle and live a life that feels authentic and 'vertically' aligned with your soul's calling. 




During this one-hr coaching session you bring whatever you are struggling with or want support on.  I will share tools, insights, and questions that will help you connect to your own inner wisdom and take inspired action toward what feels best to you.  

We can decide together if you need to buy a package so you stay in consistent work on the issues at hand making sure you get the results you desire.


I work with couples helping track the patterns that are not working and creating better communication through the latest and most effective tools.   We will work on your love languages and how you can become each others best friend and ally.  I utilize the unique opportunity that couples work offers.  It just gets super REAL.  Intimacy affords the opportunity to heal the deepest part of each of you.  Couples Coaching requires a purchase of at least ten sessions.  New habits and ways of supporting each other take time!  Get ready to put your WHOLE SELF IN!


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