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       Check-in Circle Day                      Training

Do you have a group of friends or coworkers who are interested in self growth?  Would you like your group to learn new ways of communicating with one another and supporting each other?

Check out our Check-In Circle Day Training.  This training is for women who know the power of group support.  Who want more out of their friendships than chit chat.  Turn your group of friends into the most profound group of wise women around.  Experience being witnessed in a way that satisfies you to the core.  Learn techniques for communication and expression.  The techniques you will learn on your training day can be used in your personal life and relationships as well. Here are some of the tools you can expect to learn and practice:

*Clearing method for communication

*The Work - four step inquiry

*Creative somatic experience

*How to 'hold space' effectively

*Creating Safe Space

Structure for your personal group.

After the training, you will form a group that will meet approximately once a month (some groups enjoy meeting more often) and hold 'Circle'.  During your circle time you can bring any issues you are having to the circle to get 'hashed out'.  The women in your Circle become your private council!  the Circles are self led by women who have been through the training (meaning, if your group of friends get traIned, they will self lead and you will form your group).  Groups created after the training will meet cost free as the group decides.

Contact us for more information.

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