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the awakening retreat

The Awakening retreat is a step into a world of fun, healing, nature, connection and possibilities.  Our program is crafted with expertise and precision -  yet you will feel more free than ever.  We aim to carefully create our container - weave our nest so you can have gentle epiphanies and new awareness leading to positive change that lasts.  

The flow of the retreat will take you from bonfires, to inspirational and fun workshops, to a wander in nature to a full spectrum art night, and a ropes course without noticing the time passing!  you will learn to flow with yourself better.  To awaken out of the story that tells you you're not good enough.  That you have no power.  That you're anything other than beautiful.  You are vital in leading our families and communities to a world of Peace/Moshiach!  It's up to US.  Now more than ever we need to deeply nourish our minds/bodies/souls! 

What do you need for nourishment?  During the Awakening Retreat, you get to be nurtured and cared for by a loving, and skilled staff of therapists, coaches, teachers and mothers.  They will sit around the fire with you, Attend and run the self help workshops, Torah classes, make vision boards, art night and team building.  They will help you walk away with new strength to face life and step into your own leadership.  To lead their families and communities to a better world.  They will help you undo the past, in a gentle way surrounded by great amazing friends who will become like family in only two and a half days.  

At the Awakening Retreat we don't use name tags.  We open a space where a person can walk away from any label they have been called and walk over the threshold to new possibilities.  To be who they so desperately want to be.  And to be who WE as a community need them to be.  Because let's face it, collectively, we are only as whole as our parts.  

The Retreat takes place in a natural setting but we stay in bungalows.  Nature provides us with an opportunity to 'rebalance'.   Did you ever notice that when you spend the day in nature you feel great?  Why is that?   Although we can exist in our homes, going from our car to the buildings we work in, we cannot truly feel ALIVE without adding a dose of nature to our everyday lives.  At the retreat we learn to internalize the healing lessons nature has to offer and to use nature as a self help tool.   When you connect with your spark of G-d within yourself through nature, and in turn connect to your Maker, G-d, you connect to the G-dliness all around you.  The G-dliness in your fellow man.  Thereby creating a concentric ring of unity.  We can heal ourselves from disconnect and heal the world around us.  Awareness is the beginning.  

Studies prove the number one tool for lasting change is SUPPORT!  It's time to tell the truth.  that we need supportive friendship every bit as much as we need healthy food, exercise and rest.  Our community is really good at growing friendships.  What might your life be like if you have the friends and support you need to create a life of JOY?

Come and find out :)  WINTER 2020 RETREAT IS FEBRUARY 24-26.

COST: $699

*payment plan available.  please contact Eli at 718-496-3325


*Get to Ft. Lauderdale airport by 12:00 pm on Monday, February 24th.  We will provide a shuttle from there to the Gold Coast Camp - approx 45 minutes away.  Alternatively,  Palm Beach International airport is about 20 minutes away, and you can get to the camp from there with an uber. 


*Retreat ends at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, February 26th.  We suggest you make your flights after 8:00 pm that evening.  Shuttle will take everyone who needs back to Ft. Lauderdale airport.  Dinner to go will be provided.


*Note:  This retreat is not camping.  The campsite is equipped with air-conditioned bungalows.  The bungalows are clean and descent but not fancy.  We spend most of the day outside or in the gathering rooms, because that's what it's all about :) .  This is our 5th year in this campsite.  We LOVE the nature there!  striped butterfies, nature walks, great trees, paths and ropes course (nothing too difficult!)  The fire pit is phenominal -we do fires at night and even morning!  As I write, I'm feeling ALIVE with thoughts of being there............with YOU :))

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Chaya Sara Gurewicz is a Nature Based Life Coach.  She works with individuals and couples in person or by phone, and facilitates healing workshops and retreats for groups, schools, and organizations teaching mind tools, nature awareness, therapeutic art, and whatever it takes to support people in returning to their essence and living with more joy!  Chaya Sara the founder of Jewish Women Awaken, The Awakening Retreat, The Tefilla Prayer Circle and will be leading the retreat.


Fruma Rosenberg Gottlieb Through her career as a beloved Teacher, Educational Consultant,
Chabad House Director, and Principal of one of America’s largest dayschools, Frumma Rosenberg-Gottlieb has touched and transformed thousands of lives. She now devotes her time to coaching, speaking and writing—primarily in the realms of personal growth, healthy relationships, and emotional intelligence. Quoted as an expert on Mindfulness in Time Magazine and by Arianna Huffington in her book “Thrive”, Frumma has also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and is featured in the New York Times Bestseller “Small Miracles”.  Her new book, co-authored with her husband Simcha Gottlieb, is entitled Awesome Aging: Happier, Healthier, Smarter, & Younger than Yesterday.

Yehudis Karbal is an educator and LCPC (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.) She served as National Director of EMETT self-help groups for over 20 years. She has lectured widely about Torah and psychology, and presently maintains a private practice in Chicago, Illinois.


Tziporah Dayan is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in the magical healing of Cranio- Sacral Therapy since 2005. She has been in practice in Boston and Israel, and enjoys seeing clients in Chicago where she currently resides. 
She majored in musical theatre and has been singing and performing since she can remember.  She is and has always been passionate about expressing the Divine and awakening the soul through song. 
When she's not doing her other 2 passions, she can be found in the kitchen  creating  healthy tasty meals and fresh  juices.


Goldie Rubin is a registered nurse by profession and nature lover, energy and spiritually explorer and movement junky by passion. She has certified in several holistic, eastern modalities including EFT (emotional freedom technique), Theta healing and health kinesiology. She continues to study the core reasons the body and brain manifest disruption and in-balance in the body. A balanced Healthy lifestyle is what she embodies daily.

Chasi Rothstein is a proponent of inner power and creativity. She enjoys helping others discover their true selves by doing what they enjoy most. She is a Shlucha at the University of Pittsburgh And loves bringing her passions of woman- power and inner light to teach her students. She has always been intrigued by how much of our life is formed by our perspective and finding ways to focus our perspectives into positivity. To find her in her natural habitat, check out the beach and the waves.


Genendy Braun helps people discover their inner self, and uses her experience to help others. She is also a nature lover and loves using nature in her work with people. Genendy is looking forward to what this year will bring.


Chana Goldberger is a light to the world. Wherever Chana goes, she finds the light in the darkness and helps everyone in her midst. She is a mind/body healer, a guided meditation facilitator and is studying massage therapy and bodywork.  Chana is a singer/composer and writes inspirational healing music.  Her love for nature and healing brings her to the Awakening Retreat for the third time!

Helana Herman is a Rebbetzin, wife, mother, teacher, speaker, and Life Coach. She graduated from Coach University and specializes in working with women and couples to improve their lives and relationships. Her background in Jewish philosophy brings a unique flavor to her coaching sessions ans women's retreats. In addition, she and her husband conduct popular couples seminars that focus on enhancing closeness and communication through their work as certified Imago Educators. Helana will be a third time returnee to the Awakening Retreat

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