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We live in very exciting times.  Times where women are AWAKENING. To the truth that it is WE who are leading the world and always have.


More than ever before, WE have to get super healthy, emotionally, physically, spiritually.


As the foundational species,  we embody the 'sphera' of ‘Malchus', or 'Royalty', when we are functioning optimally, the world is functioning optimally.


We are the microcosm of the macrocosm.


The thing we can do most for the people around us and for the world is spend some quality time getting to know the fertile ground we carry within.  Invest in our precious selves and uproot the inner critical voices that might be running our lives. The voice that says you are not good enough, not worthy, or anything less than beautiful!  The voice that says you ‘should’, ‘should not’, that you need to never show your anger or sadness to be accepted and loved……..


The women who walk before us, our feminine heritage, knew how to use the power lying within the anger, sadness, despair to make changes in their lives and the lives of their generations.  


Sadly, we have lost this art.  It’s time to get it back. It’s time to connect to the ‘Shchina’ the Divine Feminine Presence dwelling within ourselves.   It’s time to get to know the inner ‘Queen Esther’ hidden in our DNA…….


I’ve watched the self-minimization for too long.  I’ve met women who believed ‘fear’ was greater than love, and that somehow love is in short supply.  I’ve become aware of negative patterns guiding my own life and the lives of the women I serve and as the awareness grows, so does the creativity to make real change.   Creativity. The magic word. Or the saddest word around. The ‘thing’ we need most. The ‘thing’ that opens doors. The ‘thing’ we are not thoroughly taught through our 12 plus years of formative education.  We are not necessarily taught that spending time doing self care, pleasure and JOY slows our brains down enough to allow us access to the subconscious. The place where deep creativity lives. Where fresh perspective lives.  The place where healing takes place.


Welcome to your awakening!


Jewish Women Awaken is a place you can browse, read, get inspired, get personal guidance, coaching, join events and dream.  Imagine the possibilities for YOU.


We are glad you’re here.  Let us know how we can serve you!


-Chaya Sara Gurewicz and the Jewish Women Awakening Team!

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